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Cotillon para Fiestas

Las fiestas cada vez han ido incorporando nuevos accesorios para hacerlas mas entretenidas, el cotillón y artículos de fiestas han ampliado enormemente su variedad, hoy puedes encontrar grandes accesorios desde gorros divertidos con diferentes temáticas, hasta una gran infinidad de artículos de fiesta luminoso como cintillos, hielos, pulseras, vasos y mucho mas.

Cotillon para matrimonio

También estos artículos se utilizan mucho en la hora loca del cotillón en los matrimonios, en algunos lugares como argentina lo llaman carnaval carioca, con gorros plasticos, vuvuzelas, cornetines, matracas y maracas. Este momento llega alrededor de las 12 de la noche una vez terminada la cena, y se reparten por los mozos en grandes bandejas a fin de que los invitados saquen los artículos de cotillón que utilizaran en el baile. Estos tambien se van intercambiando entre los invitados al correr la fiesta lo que genera un ambiente mas ludico y divertido entre todos los asistentes. hoy esto cada vez es mas popular en paises como Chile, Argentina y Perú.

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If the nature of the job should be to be up in your feet for eight hours or significantly more each day, it can most certainly be your feet which will take the brunt in the abuse. Luckily, you can get brands of footwear that are being sold inside the market presently which guide your abused feet and legs cope with the pressure that they are being placed beneath. Aside from treating your self to a foot rub each now after which, it undoubtedly helps if you will put on the right brand of footwear that can ease all Fitflop UK that strain away. What if there is a promised bonus of assisting you tone and trim your legs merely by wearing them?

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Tips In Choosing High Quality Loudspeakers To Your Home Theater System

Viewing your favorite films at home in a large screen is much like viewing in theaters and theatre houses. But to possess the very best experience, you need to also provide a good quality speakers for your own home entertainment system. You will be astounded on the caliber of appear it it generates which will allow it to be even more enjoyable for you personally along with your own family to watch films in the comfort of your own home. By visiting the homepage of sr7008 one can attain some helpful info on the product.

To really have a whole home entertainment system, aside from your giant screen telly, a radio, and a DVD player, you will also require speakers that produces high quality sound. If you are organizing to buy one, it’s very vital that you think about the quality and the way much you are willing to shell out for new speakers. By visiting the website of sr7008 one can attain some useful info on the product.

Before purchasing a speaker, you need to read first some reviews on the internet or in mags regarding the top speakers accessible the market. You may even ask some of your family and friends for his or her suggestions and encounter. By that, you will be able to know more concerning the the goods and also the cost. Remember that perhaps not all the priciest manufacturers have the highest quality. Be sure to select the one which you may use for a long time to make your cash all worth every penny.

Loudspeakers are offered in different types, brands, colors, shapes, and dimensions. In choosing the size, you need to consider first the the area where you are intending to set up the loudspeakers. You may also pick the colour and shapes that may compliment the colour of your partitions and goes together with the other home entertainment system. The main feature in picking out a loudspeaker is the quality of sound. Be certain the sound it produces is loud and clear, with no hissing and crackling sound in the background.

If you have the final judgement on what brand and size of speakers you wish to purchase, instead of heading to local digital stores, you can just avail it online. It is more convenient and will save you more time and cash. You could have the best quality speakers to complete your home theater program in only one-click and enjoy the whole home entertainment experience.

The Ultimate Tip Generate More Muscle Faster

These programs allow the body to suddenly function properly. A fully flexible body becomes longer, leaner, and will burn twice the calories of even an accomplished athlete. Any individual who has followed these kind of of programs faithfully will attest to this: their metabolisms amplify. Their immune system power adopts overdrive, and aches and pains, colds and flus, all in the market to go into remission.

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How To Choose About Hair Extensions

ARE HAIR EXTENSIONS THEIR SPECIALTY? The Length Of Time They Have BEEN PROVIDING HAIR EXTENSIONS? Just How Many They Have DONE? Generally, stylists focusing on extensions, have a few years experience, and therefore have applied no less than 300 services – have got a higher probability of supplying you with a high quality result. You should also be sure the photos with their portfolio is own work instead of photos purchased in a hair company.

Just How Many Types Of APPLYING HAIR EXTENSIONS Is It Informed About? Although stylists may prefer one method, you need someone that is incredibly knowledgeable with a lot of the methods available. Is it customizing the extension to the specific situation? Ask them WHY they prefer the approach they can be using? Would it be because it is the best method for yourself? Or maybe it really the only method they know that is now being sold directly to them by one company? As I been employed with just about every method available (I am informed about all methods) I enjoy a finer weave technique with wefted hair while i find in many instances this causes no or very minimal damage, gives greater fullness, and is considered the most inexpensive in the long term. I recommend a removable system so the clients’ own hair is not further damaged if I think the clients’ hair is too weak and damaged to begin with. It is the best method for that specific customer, even though i don’t make as much money as one would withbonding and weaving, or links.

ARE THEY CONCERNED IF YOUR HAIR IS FINE? Is It Interested In Hair INTEGRITY By Any Means? In case the stylist doesn’t often see that hair is incredibly fine or seem concerned if you mention that hair breaks easily – it is not necessarily an effective sign. Unfortunately, everyone “says” their method doesn’t damage your hair. The skill of the individual using the extensions and the condition of hair can be another big factor.

DO THEY HAVE DETAILED Familiarity With The Many HAIR QUALITY TYPES? Hair quality and color match has become the most essential aspect with regards to how “real” hair extension buy hair online will show up. Your stylist ought to have an intensive know-how about hair quality. Human hair can be a generic term as a great deal of human hair is just not high-quality. There are several terms accustomed to describe hair quality and it will vary with each wholesaler. What follows is a general list from the highest quality down: Russian virgin unprocessed hair, Italian Cuticle blend, European Cuticle, European Remy, Indian Remy, Chinese human, and Yaki human. Ninety-nine percent of your bonding systems around use Indian Remy hair which happens to be not the “best” hair available – specially in lighter colors. Custom blending to suit hair color and texture is important so how hair ends along with the extension hair begins, is utterly undetectable. I custom blend to suit lowlights, tone and highlights two-colored hair, (etc.) EXACTLY.

Is It TRYING To Assist You To OR YES-ING EVERYTHING To Generate A SALE? You will need to go along with your gut for this one. If you have legitimate issues and concerns and they’re telling you everything is wonderful and not discussing the cons and pros – Beware, but.

Can They Supply You With A DETAILED MAINTENANCE PROGRAM? If they don’t give you specific, written, maintenance care instructions – either they don’t care or they don’t know. I can’t believe just how many many people have go to me to take out matted hair extensions mainly because they were never told by their stylist to braid the hair when swimming. You are unable to dive in the pool with the hair “flowing” with Almost any hair extension. Also, it is crucial that you have timely maintenance, and proper hair care techniques. There are actually certain shampoos and conditioners that really work well with others and extensions that do not. Price might not be the determining consider this particular one.

Can They GUARANTEE THEIR WORK? It is too costly to refund because you “changed your mind” or your boyfriend or mother don’t approve, while hair is very expensive and custom-made or ordered. Before proceeding with hair extensions, you should be 100% sure. But, if the hair mats, is falling out, or the color doesn’t match, the stylist should stand behind the work and make it right for you.

NY Times launches VR app with Google Cardboard giveaway

NY Times launches VR app with Google Cardboard giveaway

The New York Times is launching a VR app, and will give a million plus subscribers a Google Cardboard VR viewer to use it. It’ll also debut a VR film for the app called The Displaced, which details the struggles of three children caught in the global refugee crisis. Executive Editor Dean Baquet said the NYT “created the first critical, serious piece of journalism using virtual reality, to shed light on one of the most dire humanitarian crises of our lifetime.” The film is best viewed on Cardboard, but will also be available on YouTube and smartphones via a 2D version of the app.

The Times will release a series of VR films for the app, including an existing piece showing how it made the New York Times MagazineWalking New York cover. It said the app also “supports virtual reality playback for Google Cardboard as well as playback of 360-degree video mobile navigation.” Executive VP Meredith Kopit Levien said “the great irony here is that it takes (a 164-year old) print newspaper… and its still remarkable distribution system to deliver one of the most advanced digital storytelling technologies to more than a million people.”

The great irony here is that it takes (a 164-year old) print newspaper… and its still remarkable distribution system to deliver one of the most advanced digital storytelling technologies to more than a million people.

The Times advised subscribers to keep their Cardboards for subsequent releases coming in December and later. (If you’re a subscriber and not sure what we’re talking about, Google’s Cardboard is a fold out device that turns your smartphone into a basic virtual reality viewer, letting you see 3D and 360-degree videos.) The app will arrive on November 7th for Android and iOS, and subscribers will receive Cardboard with their weekend paper starting the same day. Times Insiders and some digital subscribers will instead get a promo code for the viewer, which normally runs about $25.

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Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

For two years, Pebble was the smartwatch company to beat. In 2012, it raised over $10 million on Kickstarter for its simple, monochrome e-paper wristwatch, putting itself and the crowdfunding site on the map. But things move quickly in the technology world. Google has since come out with Android Wear, prompting a slew of smartphone companies to suddenly turn into watchmakers. Not to be outdone, Apple joined the fray as well, positing its own wearable as a timepiece premium enough for high-end boutiques. So when Pebble debuted the Time, its second-generation $199 smartwatch, on Kickstarter three months ago, it was facing much stiffer competition. Surprisingly, that too made crowdfunding history, raising more than $20 million in just over a month. Did 78,471 backers make the right decision? I attempt to find out.




  • Impressive battery life
  • Works on both Android and iOS
  • Always-on color e-paper display
  • Display looks great under direct sunlight
  • Large app library
  • Unique Timeline interface reduces app clutter
  • Voice replies
  • Potential for more features via smartstraps


  • iOS functionality is limited
  • Voice function doesn’t extend to Google Now or Siri
  • Can only choose one app for activity tracking
  • Pricey for what it offers


Pebble needs to distinguish itself from its Android Wear and Apple rivals in order to stand out, and it does so with the Time. Its color e-paper technology results in an always-on display that looks great under bright sunlight, plus battery life that lasts up to seven days. It also boasts a brand-new Timeline interface that promises to reduce app clutter and make it that much easier to get at the information you really need. A mic adds the ability to offer quick voice replies and memos, although full voice-command capabilities are lacking. Sure, it doesn’t offer the same degree of sophisticated style and high-end features as the competition, but the ability to add more functionality over time with its smart accessory port might prove more useful in the end.


Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

If you’re looking for a stylish fashion-forward smartwatch that can double as a luxury timepiece, look elsewhere. With its square display, polycarbonate shell and wide silicone bands, the Pebble Time is decidedly more geek than chic. Yet, the Time has a charm all its own, with a casual, sporty look that I rather like. Sure, it’ll probably look out of place at a fancy cocktail party, but for a simple everyday watch, I think it’s alright.

Additionally, while most smartwatches tend to be oversized and bulky for my slender wrists, the Time’s 40.5 x 37.5mm case isn’t too big or too small; it fits me just right. It’s a hair thinner than its predecessor at 9.5mm (the original Pebble was 11.5mm thick) and has a slight bend to better hug the curvature of the wrist. The stainless steel border surrounding the display also gives it a touch of class that I really appreciate — it’s certainly better than the original’s all-plastic styling.

The real differentiator between the Time and the original Pebble, however, is the display — it’s now in color. But instead of going with an OLED panel, Pebble opted for a color e-paper display. Yes, this means that the screen isn’t quite as bright and luminous as the Apple Watch and most Android Wear devices. The colors of e-paper are also a lot more muted than what you would see on an OLED display. But e-paper gives the Time a few significant advantages.

Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

For one thing, the display is on all the time; there’s no need to press a button or flick your wrist to see what time it is. The 2.5D Gorilla Glass display is also very readable even under really bright sunlight, which isn’t what we can say about some of the other smartwatches. If you do want the display to be brighter, there’s an LED backlight that you can turn on momentarily, but there’s unfortunately no backlight timer to make it last longer than a few seconds. The biggest advantage, though, is battery life. While the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices might manage a day or two on a charge, the Time is slated to last up to seven days before running out of juice.

Unfortunately, however, the Time has a very thick bezel, which is made even worse by the aforementioned stainless steel frame. As a result, the 1.25-inch e-paper display looks positively diminutive on the Time’s watch face. Most Pebble apps are made for that screen size, so I understand the rationale for it, but it just seems like a lot of wasted space.

As for the rest of the watch’s controls, they’re pretty similar to the original Pebble — that’s right, there’s no touchscreen interface. Look around and you’ll find a back button on the left, along with up, down and select buttons on the right. The up and down buttons lead to “Past” and “Future” spots in Pebble’s new timeline interface (more on this later), although you can also map them as quick-launch shortcuts to certain applications if you press and hold down on them. The buttons are raised above the surface and are really tactile; I could find them just by feeling around. It doesn’t seem like much, but I really appreciate that I could press a button to dismiss my alarm without even looking at the watch. As a bonus, they also have some nice “give” when pushed.

Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

Flip the watch around and you’ll notice a couple of metal pins that attach to a proprietary magnetic charging cable. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use the charging cable from the original Pebble with the Time; you’ll simply have to use the new one. Aside from acting as charging pins, the magnetic dock will also work as a smart accessory port for upcoming “smartstraps” that add additional functionality to the watch. They’re not available just yet, but a few of the proposed ones add GPS, a heart rate monitor and NFC. While I wasn’t able to test these smartstraps, the idea itself is intriguing: Imagine a smartwatch that gets better over time as new smartstraps emerge. This could potentially make the Pebble Time the first-ever futureproof smartwatch.

Also on the rear of the watch are a couple of quick-release triggers so you can easily swap straps, which is a good thing because the Time has a standard 22mm lug that is compatible with a wide variety of third-party straps. Other notable hardware specs include an accelerometer (if you like, you can enable the backlight whenever you lift your wrist), a vibrating motor for alerts, a compass, a microphone for voice commands (more on this later) and an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the LED backlight depending on your surroundings. The Pebble Time is also water-resistant up to 30 meters. And, of course, it has Bluetooth 4.0 LE for connecting to your phone.


Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

Just like with the original Pebble, you’ll need to pair the watch with a phone in order for it to work. In order to do that, you’ll need to download the Pebble Time app, which is available on both Android and iOS. Once that’s done, simply go through the instructions of pairing your phone to the watch, and then you’re ready to start customizing. The software lets you add watch faces and a variety of apps, just like before. Indeed, the Pebble Time is backward-compatible with nearly 6,500 apps that are already in the Pebble app store.

But the similarities end there. Pebble didn’t just change up its hardware with the Time. Oh no, it actually created a whole new operating system for it as well. Simply called Timeline, Pebble’s new watch interface is based around the concept of, well, time. All your app notifications, reminders, events and news are now laid out in chronological order. Press the up button and you’ll see items like calendar events and sports scores from a couple hours ago. Press it again and you’ll see items from yesterday, like your total step count if you have a pedometer app installed. Inversely, pressing the down button will give you a peek at future events — say, an upcoming appointment or the weather forecast.

The idea behind this timeline metaphor is that you no longer need to launch an app to find out desired info. Simply go into the Pebble Time app on your phone and select the “Timeline pins” toggle to “pin” that particular app. So if you pinned the ESPN app, for example, you would see the scores of last night’s games if you scrolled into the “Past” (you’d need to select your favorite teams so that it knows which games to keep track of). You’d also see the time of tomorrow night’s games if you scrolled into the “Future.”

Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

But that doesn’t mean you won’t still have access to apps. Selecting the center button from the main watch screen opens up the App Menu, which essentially lists all of the apps that you’ve installed. The default apps include Notifications, Music, Alarms and Watchfaces. Notifications is simply a list of all of your recent phone notifications; Music is a remote control for the music player on your phone; Alarms lets you set a vibrating watch alarm (duh); and Watchfaces is simply a list of different watch faces that you’ve installed and can choose from. You can also access the settings menu from the app tray, which lets you set options like your time zone, choose which app you want to use for activity tracking (more on this later) and enable or disable vibrating alerts. I especially like the ability to set a Do Not Disturb time schedule so that your watch doesn’t go crazy with notifications in the middle of the night.

As far as the number of apps that you can install, well, that depends. According to Pebble, the Time is capable of storing more than 50 apps and watch faces — it depends on how large each app/watch face is. If you install more than the watch can hold, it’ll just offload the apps you don’t use as much. If you do want to call up those old apps, it will simply reload them over Bluetooth when requested. The idea is akin to storing your music on the cloud instead of on your device. That said, I probably wouldn’t install more than a dozen or so; scrolling down the long list of apps in the app tray gets tiresome.

Of course, you can get all kinds of apps in the appstore, from funny watch faces (my favorite is the Nyan Cat one that actually shows an animated, rainbow Pop Tart cat flying through space whenever the watch is activated) to activity trackers. There is one caveat, however: You can only really have one activity-tracking app at a time. This means that if you have three similar apps, you can only assign one of them to be the one that tracks your steps.

Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

As I alluded to earlier, there are a few big-name apps in the store already. My favorites include ESPN (so that I can keep track of how the San Francisco Giants are doing), an app called Transport that lets me hail an Uber from my wrist and FitCat, which is sort of a Tamagotchi game and an activity tracker all-in-one (the more you walk, the happier the cat becomes).

Like other smartwatches, the Time also lets you receive text messages. As for what you can do with those, well, that depends on which OS you use. Due to iOS app restrictions, you can’t really do much with messages aside from dismissing them. If you’re on Android, however, you’re able to reply to a message in a number of ways — you can either choose from a list of canned responses, one of many emojis or decide to respond by voice. If you select voice, you can then simply speak your reply and the watch will translate your voice to text as best it can. I only tested this on a few occasions, but it was pretty accurate most of the time. According to a company rep, Pebble is working hard to enable voice replies (to email at least) and note-taking on iOS as well.

Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

About those voice commands — they’re really pretty limited to just replies and notes. You won’t be able to use them for Google Now queries or Siri commands. Pebble says that’s intentional, because it doesn’t believe those commands really work all that well. But it seems a bit like an oversight to us that you wouldn’t at least offer it as an option.

A final note about software before I move into the next section: Though it’s not a specific feature, per se, I really enjoy the touches of animations and transitions that the new interface offers. Dismissing a notification reveals a puff of smoke as it disappears; removing a pinned timeline item shows a graphic of a skull before it’s gone; and adding a new watch face prompts an animated star. Each notification also has its own unique animation and art style as it pops up. Instagram has a camera icon; Gmail has an envelope; and so forth. There are probably more that I haven’t noticed yet. It might seem a little cartoony if you’re used to the finesse of Android or Apple’s Watch OS, but it’s these small bits of whimsy that I find endearing.

Performance and battery life

Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

The Pebble Time is a fairly basic smartwatch — it’s not trying to be a smartphone shoehorned into your wrist. As such, the performance is pretty snappy — a stark contrast to the Apple Watch, for example, which has been criticized for being a bit sluggish. There’s not much noticeable lag when shifting through menus and changing watch faces only takes a second or so. Whenever I altered some settings on the Pebble Time app, I saw those changes reflected almost immediately on the watch.

I only received the Pebble Time a few days ago, and the battery test is, well, it’s still ongoing. After about three days of constant use, it’s currently at 40 percent battery life. And that’s with all my notifications turned on — even email. I get literally hundreds of emails every day, so this is an impressive feat. I suspect that lighter use will make it last longer, but even so, the battery life is pretty impressive.

The competition

Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

Style-wise and feature-wise, the Pebble Time doesn’t quite compare to most modern smartwatches. It doesn’t have a touchscreen; it doesn’t have NFC support; it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor; and it doesn’t have GPS. Which is why the Pebble Time’s price is problematic — it retails for close to $200. For that same money, you can get a really nice ASUS ZenWatch that’s high on style and function. For about $20 less, you can get the star of last year’s Google I/O, the Moto 360, which has seen a number of improvements since its debut (and who knows, we might see a successor at this year’s I/O). And if you’re an Apple fan, well, you have the option of the Apple Watch, which will set you back a cool $349 just for the entry-level Sport model.

The big trump card that the Pebble Time has, then, is its battery life — most of these other watches last about a couple days at most — that always-on display, its compatibility with both Android and iOS, and its smart-strap potential. The ability to tack on additional hardware features as time goes by is pretty powerful stuff, and could be the ace up Pebble Time’s sleeve. And hey, if you’re looking for a sexier-looking watch instead, that higher-end Pebble Time Steel ($299) is just around the corner.


Pebble Time review: an underdog among smartwatches

No, the Pebble Time won’t win any fashion contests with its toy-like design and cutesy animations. And no, it won’t win over those who yearn for tons of high-end features in their wearables. But if your idea of a smartwatch is that it should be more of a watch than a smartphone accessory, then the Pebble Time could be it. Its always-on display, long battery life and compatibility with both Android and iOS are attributes that most other smartwatches can’t match. The Timeline interface puts your events and app notifications in easy-to-access, chronological order, reducing the need to launch apps every time you want information. And the ability to swap out modular smartstraps means the Time could have far greater functionality than its rivals over the long term. The Pebble Time certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you’re tired of the hubbub over Android Wear and Apple Watch and want a decent alternative, then it could be well worth your time.

[Image credit: GIF courtesy of Pebble]

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The Pebble Time Steel is beautiful, but probably not worth $249

The Pebble Time Steel is beautiful, but probably not worth $249

Pebble already had a hit on its hands with the unveiling of the Time, its next-generation color smartwatch. But it was the introduction of the Time Steel a week later that propelled its crowdfunding campaign to the top of the charts, making it the most-funded Kickstarter campaign to date. And it’s no wonder: The Steel has a much more premium design, with an all-metal build that comes in silver, black and gold finishes. I’ve had a chance to play around with the new Time Steel, and while I think it’s an improvement over its plastic predecessor, its $249 asking price is still a little too rich for my blood.

Just as last year’s Pebble Steel was a sleeker version of the original Pebble, so it goes with the Time and Time Steel. While the Time might seem a little toy-like with its polycarbonate shell and silicone bands, the Time Steel’s stainless steel housing and leather straps make it look more grown-up. It still falls short of being a luxurious fashion-forward timepiece, but the design is simple and discreet enough that it won’t look out of place at a fancy dinner party.

The most obvious design difference is the Time Steel’s watch face. While the plastic model has a rather thick stainless steel border, the Time Steel has a really skinny one — almost half the width, in fact. As a result, the black bezel surrounding the watch’s 1.25-inch display is amplified. This gives the Time Steel the illusion of a larger display, especially if you opt for a watch face with a black background. Of course, I would’ve liked a thinner border and more usable screen space, but as most Pebble apps are made for that screen size, it’s a conceit I’m willing to forgive.

The Pebble Time Steel is beautiful, but probably not worth $249

Aside from just looks, the Time Steel also feels nicer; I definitely prefer the sensation of metal and leather on my skin rather than the Time’s plastic and silicone. The housing is a hair (1mm) thicker than the Time, but that’s okay; that extra thickness actually contributes to the premium feel. As on the Time, the underside has a slight bend to match the curvature of the wrist. Even the metal buttons feel better, complete with a textured surface that adds to the watch’s finesse. While the Time’s plastic buttons felt a bit squishy when pressed, the ones on the Time Steel are easier to push down, with a more satisfying click.

In addition to leather, the Time Steel also comes with a metal link bracelet, but as of this writing it was unavailable. Pebble apparently experienced an “availability issue” with them and will deliver the metal bracelets to Kickstarter backers in a later shipment. It’s worth noting, however, that while Kickstarter backers of the Time Steel will get both leather and metal straps for $249, retail customers will only be able to get the leather version for the same price. In retail, the metal bracelet will be sold as a separate accessory for $50 more.

The Pebble Time Steel is beautiful, but probably not worth $249

As for the rest of the Time Steel, well, it’s the same as with the Time. The color e-paper display appears lackluster compared to brighter OLED panels — although you can turn the backlight on in low light — but it outperforms the latter under direct sunlight. E-paper also offers a couple of other advantages: The time is always on without having to flick your wrist, and the battery life is outstanding. In fact, the Time Steel promises up to 10 days of use instead of the Time’s seven (perhaps that’s why it’s 1mm thicker).

Like the Time, he underside of the Steel includes a couple of metal pins that work as either charging connectors or a smart accessory port for upcoming “smartstraps” that add extra features like GPS and NFC. The watch is also water-resistant up to 30 meters; has a microphone for voice commands; and is compatible with any standard 22mm strap. And of course, it also has that new Timeline software that lets you navigate through notifications, events, news and reminders in chronological order.

The Pebble Time Steel is beautiful, but probably not worth $249

In sum, the Pebble Time Steel is a clear upgrade over the Time with its higher-end materials, refined design and longer battery life. But I’m still struggling with its $249 price point, especially as it won’t include the metal link bracelet when it comes to retail. For about $100 more, you could get either the LG Watch Urbane or an entry-level Apple Watch, both of which are considerably more stylish and functional. For $200, you could get a nice ASUS ZenWatch and last year’s Moto 360 is practically a steal at $150. I thought the Time was expensive at $199 and I definitely think the Time Steel is overpriced at $249, especially compared to its rivals.

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Pebble’s Time Round smartwatch sacrifices battery life for style

Pebble's Time Round smartwatch sacrifices battery life for style

While Pebble has already sold over 95,000 units of its Time and Time Steel smartwatches thanks to its highly successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s not done with its 2015 lineup just yet. Today, the company is revealing the $249 Pebble Time Round, which, you guessed it, has a circular watchface. But that’s not the only thing that sets the Time Round apart from the rest of Pebble’s lineup. It’s also thinner, lighter and the strap comes in both 14mm and 20mm widths, making it the slimmest and most lightweight Pebble to-date. Though there are a couple of downsides — it only has a couple days of battery life and is not nearly as water-resistant as its square cousins — the Time Round is by far the most elegant smartwatch Pebble has ever made.

The first thing that strikes me the instant I see the Pebble Time Round is how similar it looks to an actual watch. Due to its super-thin 7.5mm chassis, narrow 14mm / 20mm straps and, of course, that round 38.5mm diameter face, the Time Round simply looks and feels like a normal everyday watch, albeit with a touch more class. Smooth beveled edges on the underside lets it sit comfortably on the wrist and the sheer slim and lightweight nature of the watch makes it feel like I hardly have it on. What I particularly appreciated was the introduction of the 14mm width band (unheard of in the smartwatch world) for those like myself who prefer skinnier straps. Indeed, Pebble CEO and founder Eric Migicovsky tells me that the Time Round was designed with women (ie. those with smaller wrists) in mind.

The Time Round has an all-metal casing — it comes in black, silver and an all-new rose gold finish that’s special to the Round. Like the other Pebble watches, the Time Round does have a rather thick bezel surrounding its display — that’s because much of Pebble’s apps really only work on a 1.25-inch screen. But unlike the previous Pebble watches, the Time Round’s bezel comes in both black and white variations. And of those, you can choose a white one with five-minute markers or a black one with three-hour markers along the perimeter. “Our designers match the bezel for the look and feel of each watch,” says Migicovsky. While I would of course much prefer a wider display, I appreciate the efforts that Pebble has gone through to make the Time Round’s bezel much more attractive and fashion-forward.

But the Time Round’s slimmer and sexier design comes at a cost. While the other Pebble Time offerings have a week-plus of battery life (the Time Steel supposedly lasts up to 10 days), the Time Round only lasts two days before you have to charge it again. “We recognize that it’s less than the Pebble Time,” says Migicovsky. “So we thought, okay, how does it work in your daily routine. We want to make sure this is a watch you can wear 24-7 if you want it.” The solution? The Time Round is the first and only Pebble watch to feature Quick Charge — just 15 minutes of charge time will give you 24 hours of use. “So before you go shower in the morning [for example], you can just charge it quickly as you get ready for the day,” he says.

Pebble's Time Round smartwatch sacrifices battery life for style

Another concession is that the Time Round is not as water-resistant as its Pebble predecessors. While you can easily go for a swim with the Time and the Time Steel, you can’t do so with the Time Round. It will still survive the shower and the occasional downpour, says Migicovsky, but you’ll have to take the watch off before heading to the pool. So if you’re a swimmer who’d like a smartwatch to track your swim laps, you should stick to the older square Pebbles.

Everything else about the Pebble Time Round should be the same as the Time and the Time Steel — it has a color e-paper display, charging pin connectors with support for additional “smart straps” and you can easily swap in any third-party strap that’s either 14mm or 20mm wide, depending on which model you pick.

Pebble's Time Round smartwatch sacrifices battery life for style

And like all the other Time watches, the Time Round also ships with Pebble’s new Timeline interface which lays out all of your apps and notifications in chronological order — you can use the buttons on the side to toggle through “past” and “future” events. Surprisingly, Migicovsky tells me that the reason they built this Timeline interface in the first place is because they knew the Pebble Time Round was coming. “Timeline is a different way of displaying time on your wrist,” he says, and it’s an interface that’s well-suited for both square and circular displays. When questioned on how long the Time Round was in development, he says Pebble has been working on it for over a year.

As you might imagine, Pebble already has a slew of different round watch face designs ready to deploy. They’re also announcing a new SDK today that’ll make it easier for developers to make their apps work in a circle as well as a square. Developers can simply update the app, he says, and it should work in all Pebble watches with the Timeline interface. Also of note: Migicovsky tells me that the new Timeline OS will be available to all original Pebbles as well. That firmware update should arrive in a couple of months.

Pebble's Time Round smartwatch sacrifices battery life for style

“This is a product only Pebble can make,” says Migicovsky of the Pebble Time Round. Apple is already working hard to keep the Apple Watch battery life last more than 24 hours, he says, adding that the Cupertino company can’t compromise and make it smaller without dramatically changing the product. “For us, we already have a watch that lasts ten days. What if we concede on that a little? We can make something so much thinner and lighter.”

Pebble's Time Round smartwatch sacrifices battery life for style

The Time Round comes in a few different options. You can have them in two different strap sizes, 14mm and 20mm, and both versions are available in black and silver. If you want the rose gold option, however, that’s only available in 14mm. As a default, all Time Round watches ship with a leather band and will retail for $249, which is the same price as the Time Steel. For $50 more, you can get a metal bracelet, which I think is particularly pretty in rose gold. If you want one, you can go ahead and pre-order the Time Round from Best Buy, Target, Amazon and Pebble’s own website starting today. Bear in mind, however, that you’ll have to wait for a bit: first units will start shipping in November.

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YouTube rolls out support for VR video

YouTube rolls out support for VR video

Google CEO Sundar Pichai took to Twitter Thursday to announce that YouTube now supports VR video. The site already offers 360 degree video but has now officially added Cardboard support as well. Compatible videos will now display a Cardboard icon at the watch page menu.

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